Human Subtlety

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

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Jan 25

Leonardo hummed as he walked through the halls of the Castello.  His diplomatic ventures outside of Roma had been successful and he had gained the trust of the Assassins.  However, Rodrigo still lived; Ezio had failed to eliminate the only person in his way.  The Spaniard had too much power, he thought, and such a danger would not be tolerated.  

Still, to go against a Brother… Such a thing was traitorous, even if that Brother was a traitor himself.  Simply accusing him and exposing his traitorous and brutish acts was unwise; he had much support and secured his safety as the Pope.  Stripping him of his power was the only option and even that would be too difficult.  

That was why Leonardo needed the support of the young general.  The man was Rodrigo’s protection.  He was dangerous himself, yes, but perhaps with a little push he might just be what he needed.  The blond needed to have tact.  

He rapped his knuckles gently on Cesare’s office door.  Perhaps now was a good time for a game of chess.

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